VITA-SPELT®: Your source of spelt flours, pastas, cereals and more!


You won’t find anyone more dedicated to providing a variety of high-quality spelt products than the folks at Purity Foods, creator of the VITA-SPELT® brand. As with any other food product, cereals, pastas and other grain-based foods come in a wide range of quality. VITA-SPELT® products are made with pure, organic spelt and no additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Purity Foods introduced spelt to the American consumer in the late 1980’s. As awareness of spelt has grown among people who find modern wheat difficult to digest, – or people who simply care about what they eat – we’ve grown to meet

VITA-SPELT® pasta is made from 100% spelt flour.

demand. But we’ve never outgrown our commitment to providing 100% pure spelt flour and a variety of spelt products made with safe, honest, pure ingredients.

To ensure the high quality of our spelt products, we process, clean and mill our 100% organic spelt in a facility in Hudson, Michigan.  Our facility is dedicated exclusively to spelt to protect our flours and all of our products from being contaminated by exposure to modern, industrialized wheat. You can buy VITA-SPELT® products online.

Our products are also available in a many health food stores and grocery stores.

If you can’t find VITA-SPELT® in your area, you can download this handy brochure, take it to your local health food store, and let them know why their customers love spelt!

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