Share Your Story

Share Your Story

We’ve always been passionate about our product. But what really gets us fired up is your passion. So often we hear this from customers like you: ‘Spelt has changed my life!’ We hear it from people with arthritis, who find that eating spelt reduces pain and inflammation. We hear it from people with diabetes, who find that their blood sugar doesn’t spike after eating spelt pasta.

We’d like to hear from you. Why do you eat spelt? How did you learn about it? Has it changed your life? How?

If spelt has changed your life – or if you just love spelt! – send us your story. We will contact you for more information before we feature your story on our Nature’s Legacy for Life blog.

Please send your story by submitting this form. Or, you can email your story (with photo and/or video attached) to: Thank you for sharing!

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