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More filling & satisfying than all purpose flour-could eat less and yet feel full! – C.H., La Habra, CA

The pasta is great because it does not get mushy and it has a dense flavor for wishful whole wheat pasta enthusiasts” – K.S., Cincinnati, OH

Marvelous find! I can now eat bread, muffins, pie crust, etc. Am even looking forward to making pizza! I have so many allergies that my choices are very limited and your product has opened up many possibilities. Thanks!” – J.P., Santa Clara, CA

“I love your products. I cook a lot of pasta and this is my favorite. Excellent quality-it holds its shape. I will continue to use regularly-even when my food sensitivity ends!” – V.M., Athens, OH

“I have told my chiropractor, my doctor, all my health food stores, and all my friends! I know so many people who are wheat allergic. This is wonderful!” – H.P., El Campo, TX

“I am so satisfied. It is delicious and satisfying.” – L.T., Nordland, WA

“I tried your spelt pasta over 6 months ago and I have nothing but accolades in regard to your pasta products. They cook well, cause no adverse reactions, and are reasonably priced. I’m getting to the point where I no longer desire wheat spaghetti. Your products are delicious.” – E.S., Canoga Park, CA

“The day my flour arrived I made banana bread. It is delicious. I’m looking forward to making other recipes. This gives me another food to add to my limited diet. It is truly a wonderful food – its taste and texture is so enjoyable!” – M.W., Yuma, AZ

“Spelt noodles are delicious! I really enjoy the rich nutty flavor. Also, they are filling without leaving me feeling bloated.” – M.R., Selah, WA

Spelt is one of the best tasting grains I have ever tasted. I just love baking with it!” – M.F., McHenry, IL

“I was born and raised in Germany on a fairly healthy diet. I remember my mom always buying us treats in the health food store in the mid 70’s. I came to the United States as an exchange student in 1984 and my host family was on the Standard American Diet (SAD). We ate a lot of processed food, diet sodas, and sugar. Sadly I struggled my whole adult life to conquer the bad eating habits I learned during my high school years.
I suffered from bloating and constant constipation. My doctor diagnosed me with IBS. I started battling food allergies in 2007 and was diagnosed with “leaky guy syndrome” most likely resulting from a poor diet. The leaky gut allows substances such as toxins, microbes, undigested food, waste, or larger than normal macromolecules leak through an abnormally-permeable gut wall. Chronic inflammation is the cornerstone of the leaky gut cycle which can lead to food allergies and many degenerative diseases.
 I cannot eat what and when I was in Germany a few years ago a friend of mine educated me on spelt and he told me that many people with celiac disease can tolerate spelt. When I came back to the States I researched spelt and found Vita Spelt. The quality is superb and I couldn’t be happier. My leaky gut symptons are gone and I feel great.”
- B.B in Utah

“Exchanging wheat for spelt is life changing!
 First, I have never had more energy in my life! Feeling lethargic and bloated no longer exists. I do not require an hour nap everyday. My bowels, which have never been but that is gone. Unusual thirstiness has left me. My nose would run frequently, but now rarely needs to be blown. My periods, which for more than a decade have been heavy and extended, are now normal and regular. I am enjoying spelt cereal, bread, pretzels and pasta. I can easily walk past a bakery and no longer feel tempted. It is a great way to live.
” – E.B. in PA

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